Phil’s Film Night

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There can be little doubt that the best film ever made is Sister Act (with the second best film ever made being Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit).

In Sister Act the main character says:

‘people like going to theaters, and they like going to casinos, but they don’t like coming to church’.

For some reason watching films can often seem more attractive than spending quality time with God, but what if we could do both at the same time?  From time to time I’ll be putting together a short devotional/bible study based around a film. All so  that you can spend some time being entertained by a film and thinking about some of the main themes of the Bible.

How you use this is up to you. If you want to battle down the hatches and have some ‘me time’ alone with some Popcorn, a DVD and our worksheet that is fine. Alternatively you can invite some friends round for a film followed by philosophising and wine. It’s up to you how you want to play it.

Film 1: What’s it All About Alfie?

The first film is  the 2004 remake of Alfie starring Jude Law. It’s a 15 so you may want to wait until the kids are in bed before watching it.You can purchase the DVD  here and the PDF worksheet can be downloaded here: Film night – whats it all about Alfie