Matthew and the Magic Glasses


My debut novel is now available online!!!!

Matthew is a pretty normal twelve year old, leading a pretty normal life. That all changes one day on holiday when he goes exploring.

Matthew finds a talking gecko, named Calvin, and is thrust into the middle of a battle between good and evil. A battle on which the fate of the entire world depends.

Armed only with a pair of glasses and his dad’s mobile phone, Matthew is tasked with locating a secret enemy base, breaking into it and freeing an army of prisoners-who don’t want to be freed.

Matthew is joined on this quest by his new best friend Nathan. Together they encounter a depressed owl, an evil rock star and the creator of the universe.

Through all of this adventure and excitement Matthew discovers that the most dangerous creature in the world is a girl.

To purchase a copy of ‘Matthew and the Magic Glasses’ please visit


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