And now for something completely different ………….



It’s been a while since I posted, and to be honest I haven’t got anything deep and profound to say, but here’s the story I told to the rest of my class during our storytelling course at college this week. 

It was raining, but Jonnie didn’t care. The rain just washed the scum off the sidewalk. 12th and 5th was his turf. He touched his gun. The metal was cold, ice cold.  He made a mental note to buy a violin case.

Jonnie stopped outside the Movie theater

‘Hi Jonnie!’ Tillie called from the ticket booth.

’50 shades doll,’ Jonnie replied.

‘Sure thing Jonnie,’ Tillie gave him the movie ticket and he put it in his pocket. No money changed hands. Jonnie didn’t pay for tickets in this neighborhood.

A phone rang in the ticket booth and Tillie answered it.

‘It’s for you Jonnie!’ she said, handing him the phone.

‘It’s Carrie,’ said the phone.

‘I know,’ said Jonnie.

‘Do you want to ask me something?’ Carrie said playfully.

‘Stay cool Jonnie,’ he thought.  ‘Do you want to tell me something?’ he said. There was a pause.

‘They didn’t like your use of the word scum, or your gun!’

‘What can I say?’ Jonnie smiled,  ‘that’s just the West Side way honey.’

‘Well they expect it to be addressed!’

‘What are you saying?’

‘I’m saying that you have been recommended for training for ordained ministry in the Church of England.’


Jonnie hung up and turned to Tillie.  He handed her back the movie ticket.

‘Better change this for the Lion King’ he said

‘Why the change of heart Jonnie?’

‘I’m gunna be a priest,’ he said.

‘You aren’t no man of God Jonnie.’ Tillie laughed as she eyed his Gun. ‘You’ve got blood on your hands’

‘So did Moses toots,’ he said, ‘so did Moses.’


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