A Brexit Prayer


In the days following the EU referendum I have really struggled to know what to pray. Being on the rota to lead intercessions in church on Sunday forced me to sit down and write what I felt we as a church needed to say to God in response to the result. I’ve reproduced a large part of the prayers here in the hope that they may be of use to anyone else who may be struggling to pray post referendum. 

Dear Lord,

As we come before you today, many of us still have the events from Thursday and Friday going around in our heads. We know that you are so much bigger than this. We know that you are sovereign and that in all things you work for the good of those who love you, but at the moment it feels like this country needs you to be at work in it even more than ever.

This referendum has shown us what a divided country we live in, North and South, Rich and Poor, Young and Old. We pray that you will be at work here, that you will be the glue that holds us together. We pray that you will comfort those who are bitter and in pain as a result of the outcome, that they will be able to let go of any animosity and resentment towards those who voted to leave. Similarly, we pray that those who are celebrating the result will also be graceful and not dwell on the insults that fell on them during and after the campaign.

Lord God, so many hurtful and unpleasant things have been said by both sides. Humanly we wonder how these deep rooted divisions can be healed, but we know that with you all things are possible. So we pray that you will send your spirit upon our nation, reveal yourself to us. Let your love and your forgiveness be the model that this country will follow in the weeks and months ahead. Take this situation and use it to build up your kingdom on earth.

We think especially now of those who are particularly fearful about the prospect to Britain leaving the EU.  We pray for those who fear whether they are still welcome in this country. For those who wonder if their job is safe. For those fearing the political direction that we appear to be going in. Please give your comfort and your strength to all who fear as a result of the outcome of this referendum.

We pray for parliament, as the Prime Minister steps aside and the leader of the opposition faces a vote of no confidence we pray that you will raise up Godly and wise individuals to steer us through the unsettling times ahead. Bless our representatives in Parliament with the gift of discernment and a spirit of humility to give us the leadership that we so desperately need right now.

We also pray for the church. Within the church there are people with very different views of this referendum, we ask now that you will keep your church united. We pray that the divisions we see across the country as a whole won’t be seen within your church. We pray that as the country looks around for hope of peace and reconciliation that it will see you and your kingdom embodied in your church.

Lord the nature of what happened this week is so big that it can be easy to forget that as well as being the God of nations and continents you are also the God of individuals and you care deeply about all of your children. We take a few moments of quiet now to put all of the fears, worries, hopes or dreams that we brought with us this morning before you now.

Lord, in the mists of the uncertainty and the fear we want to acknowledge that you are a Good God. That you are an awesome and a powerful God. In whom we can trust completely. We thank you for all the wonderful things that you have done and you will continue to do.

We pray all these things in the precious name of your Son, our Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ.




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