Welcome to the Goldmine


Hello! My name is Phil and welcome to my little corner of cyberspace.

A little bit about this website

I’ve called this website ‘the goldmine’ because I hope it is a bit of a goldmine – insofar as there might be some golden nuggets on it (although that doesn’t mean you won’t have to wade through a load of rubbish to get to them).

I mainly blog about faith and life. I am a follower of Jesus, his life and teachings have a profound impact on the way that I see the world. I hope that if you already know Jesus, you might come across something on this site that may make you think ‘oh I hadn’t thought of it like that before.’  I also hope that if you don’t know Jesus yet this site might challenge you to think about who Jesus is and if he is saying anything about your life. Either way please feel free to comment in my posts, I’m happy to discuss and debate.

A little bit about me

As well as being a Christian I am a rugby fan, I support Wales and the Newport Gwent Dragons, (possibly making me a masochist). I am also a bit of a Geek, with a particular interest in Doctor Who. I’m married to my long suffering wife, Esther, who is fabulous! We have two beautiful daughters – Amelia Joy (Millie) and Magdalena Rose (Lena)

I am currently an ordinand in the Church of England, which means that i am studying at Ridley Hall, Cambridge to become a vicar.


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